About Me


Have you ever pondered how your raising would impact your ability to lead others?  I have.  I’m not overly certain how to connect the fact I grew up feeding dairy calves, hauling hay, milking cows, and other exciting farmland adventures to solid leadership and influence behaviors.  But it happened.

The majority of my professional career has been centered around Fortune 100.  What I have discovered is that most of the problems or lack of skills in leadership ability center around the same issues year over year.  Books are written to rid people of their leadership sins.  Videos are created to give people how to lessons to improve.  Billions of dollars are spent every year to fix the focus on leadership.  The answer is that leadership is a journey.  A journey for everyone.

My approach has been to walk people through that journey with tried and true solutions.  But solutions I learned from the farm.

Our Farm

We are fourth generation cow calf farmers.  Over the years our family farm has grown as new leaders implemented newer technology, newer concepts and best practices for that specific product.  However, every leader of our family farm, brought wisdom that applies to every day challenges.  So I learned.

Our farm resides in Northwest Arkansas in a community named Dutch Mills.  We are fortunate to have four very distinct seasons.  Each season has it's joys and it's dangers.  Regardless, we embrace every day and are amazed at God's gifts to nature..